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Trevor Charles Rabin (b. January 13, 1954) is South African-born American musician best known as a guitarist and songwriter for the British progressive rock band Yes from 1983 - 1995, and since then, as a film composer. Rabin comes from a family of classical musicians in Johannesburg, South Africa, where his father was lead violinist for the Johannesburg Philharmonic Orchestra. Educated at a public school in Johannesburg, he took formal piano training before discovering the guitar at age 12.

Genre: Soundtrack, Instrumental, Composer, Progressive Rock, Movie Score Composers

Armageddon : Trevor Rabin

Guitar Tab
Tracks:    257

The Science Fiction Album (The City of Prague Philharmonic feat. conductor: Nic Raine) (disc 1)

Armageddon Main Guitar Theme : Trevor Rabin

Guitar Tab
Tracks:    203
Cinema Classics (disc 3: 80er–heute)

Armageddon Theme : Trevor Rabin

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Tracks: 6   161
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