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Spooky Tooth was an English progressive rock band from the late 1960s. They formed in October 1967, out of a combination of The Ramrods (1960 - late 1963), The V.I.P.'s (late 1963 - April 1967) and Art (April - October 1967). The line-up changed several times, but typically included the following members: Mike Harrison (keyboards/vocals)Greg Ridley (bass guitar/vocals)Luther (Luke) Grosvenor (guitar/vocals)Mike Kellie (drums)Gary Wright (organ/vocals) It was the addition of Gary Wright that signalled the name change from Art to Spooky Tooth.

Genre: Classic Rock, Progressive Rock, Psychedelic Rock, 60s, Rock

Evil Woman : Spooky Tooth

Guitar Tab
Tracks:    266
Spooky Two

Waiting for the wind : Spooky Tooth

Guitar Pro Tab v5
Tracks: 6   235
(1969) Spooky two

Waitin' For The Wind : Spooky Tooth

Guitar Tab
Tracks:    175
Spooky Two
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