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Mephisto Walz is legendary for its contributions to the deathrock genre, having been an inspiration to a whole host of contemporary gothic artists. Mephisto Walz was formed in Los Angeles, United States by Barry Galvin in 1985 after having departed from deathrock progenitors Christian Death. Mephisto Walz has an accomplished discography, having released several well respected full-length albums (most notably through Cleopatra Records). The band's lineup (as stated on their myspace): Barry Galvin: Vocals and Text, guitars, bass, drums, synth, assorted anything else's \

Genre: Gothic Rock, Deathrock, Post Punk, Gothic, Goth

Alle in Asche : Mephisto Walz

Tracks:    172
The Eternal Deep

To the Schadows : Mephisto Walz

Guitar Tab
Tracks:    169

Spoken Word : Mephisto Walz

Guitar Tab
Tracks:    164

Drowning Like the Garden : Mephisto Walz

Tracks:    157

Nicole : Mephisto Walz

Guitar Tab
Tracks:    153
The Eternal Deep
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