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Marion Elise Ravn (born May 25, 1984 in Lørenskog, Norway) In spite of her young age, Marion Raven has been a recording-artist for over 17 years. It all started at the age of 10 when she released an album with children songs on EMI Norway with her friend . The album even ended up being nominated for a Norwegian Grammy. At the age of 14 Marion and Marit, now under the name “M2M”, signed with Atlantic Records and had big success in the US, Asia, South America and Scandinavia. They released 2 albums that sold over 2 million copies. .

Genre: Norwegian, Female Vocalists, Pop Rock, Pop, Rock

Sparkle : Marion Raven

Tracks:    188
The Program

Sleep : Marion Raven

Guitar Tab
Tracks:    171
This World And Body

Kids : Marion Raven

Tracks:    135
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