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A successful alternative band from Gibraltar, signed by Sony Music, who achieved popularity in Spain. Melon Diesel started playing under the name of Treehouse in the early ’90s. The name was changed in 1995, based on a drink served at a Gibraltar bar where the band used to perform. The group moved to London to work with producer Barry Sage, recording La Cuesta de Mr. Bond. “La Cuesta de Mr. Bond” is a Gibraltarian nickname for Flat Bastion Road.[1] .

Genre: Pop, Pop Rock, Spanish Pop, He, Under 2000 Listeners

Tip Of My Tongue : Melón Diesel

Guitar Pro Tab v4
Tracks: 6   7,721

Sausalito Summer Night : Melón Diesel

Guitar Tab
Tracks:    395

Dig : Melón Diesel

Guitar Tab
Tracks:    167

Never Miss Your Water : Melón Diesel

Tracks:    135

Saviour : Melón Diesel

Guitar Tab
Tracks:    126
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