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Ghost Love Score - Nightwish Power Tab

  • Album:
  • Genre:
    Symphonic Metal, Power Metal, Gothic Metal, Metal, Female Fronted Metal
  • Tablature Type:
    Power Tab v4

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The chorus "My fall will be for you. My love will be in you. If you be the one to cut me, I'll bleed forever" changes in the end to "My fall will be for you. My Love will be in you. You were the one to cut me, so I'll bleed forever.", this necessarily being what this "Ghost Love" is about.
The reference to Advent of May, May the First, should be taken to refer to the completion of April/ Aprilis, the deity of Unveiling/ Apocalypsos/ Enlightenment and a major post-Apocalypse ceremony in 71AD, involving the deity Pneuma (Ghost) on that day...

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