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Prevail - Kataklysm Guitar Tab

  • Album:
    Brutal Assault Open Air Festival Compilation, Volume 13
  • Genre:
    Death Metal, Brutal Death Metal, Melodic Death Metal, Canadian, Metal
  • Tablature Type:
    Guitar Tab

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"Went to hell
Everybody ends up dead
It's just a matter of when" Prevail! Trapped in a web of lies
I'll never seen the truth
When they stare me in the eyes
Death to the ones who betrayed
Every single chance
That I give every day
Break all the chains that bind
All these things are lost in the cries
Break everything that will come
The chance to over come Never seen the face of defeat
Never felt the cries of the weak
When everyone sought out surrender
I will rise in the end
Sever the souls that bled

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