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Moon Over Bourbon Street - Casting Crowns Guitar Tab

  • Album:
    MTV History 2000
  • Genre:
    Christian, Christian Rock, Worship, Contemporary Christian, Casting Crowns
  • Tablature Type:
    Guitar Tab

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Moon Over Bourbon Street appears on Sting's 1985 debut solo album ‘The Dream of the Blue Turtles’. The track became the fourth and final track from the album to be released as a single, peaking the #44 position in the UK. Played throughout the 1985/86 tour, a live version of the track recorded in Arnhem can be found on the ‘Bring on The Night’ album. The song made a surprise but welcome reappearance on the ‘Brand New Day’ tour, where it was given a new lease of life thanks to Chris Botti's trumpet and Sting's gravelly vocals - a cross between Tom Waits and Louis Armstrong.

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