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Himmelblau - Die Ärzte Guitar Tab

  • Album:
    Jazz ist anders
  • Genre:
    Punk Rock, Seen Live, German, Punk, Rock
  • Tablature Type:
    Guitar Tab

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The Song "Himmelblau" is a song by "Die Ärzte" that was released on their 2007 album "Jazz is' anders".
It's the first track of the album.

For german speaking people it is a very nice song to cheer yourself up, whenever you're feeling down.
The title means heaven blue, and in the song the blue heaven is mentioned very often as a steady thing that stays the way it is, no matter what happens-you can rely on that, the heaven keeps being blue.

For "die Ärzte" (the doctors) "Jazz is anders" already is the eleventh studio album. Read more on

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