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Valley of the Damned - DragonForce Guitar Pro Tab

  • Album:
    Valley of the Damned
  • Genre:
    Power Metal, Speed Metal, Metal, Extreme Power Metal, Heavy Metal
  • Tablature Type:
    Guitar Pro Tab v3.00

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Valley of the Damned was the name of the debut album of DragonForce, previously known as DragonHeart (which was switched because of a brazilian band with the same name) and was released February 25 2003. Later on they released both Sonic Firestorm and Inhuman Rampage, and had their great success with "Through The Fire and Flames", which also appeared in Guitar Hero 3. The song has a duration of 7:11, and is the first song on the tracking list, not counting Invocation of Apocalyptic Evil which is the intro to their album.

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