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The Fever Sea - My Dying Bride Guitar Pro Tab

  • Genre:
    Doom Metal, Gothic Metal, Death Metal, Metal, Melancholic
  • Tablature Type:
    Guitar Pro Tab v4.00

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Over me. Cover me.
Deep inside THE FEVER SEA.
Lame from my mothers womb
Born a cripple and sick. Under a red moon.
My hands bleed. Feet red raw.
I'm a broken man who dreamt the great war. The fear of life swallows me.
Takes me through THE FEVER SEA.
They crawl to me. Cry for me.
I'll drown them all in THE FEVER SEA. The feast flows on forever.
Devour me until never.
Fill them all with horror.
Let them sleep with terror. Who calls me now, then turns away?

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