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Pure Narcotic - Porcupine Tree Guitar Pro Tab

  • Album:
    Stupid Dream
    release date: 17 Jul 2006, 00:00
  • Genre:
    Progressive Rock, Progressive Metal, Psychedelic, Progressive, Rock
  • Tablature Type:
    Guitar Pro Tab v4.06

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Pure Narcotic is the third single from the album "Stupid Dream" . This track featured acoustic guitars, close harmony vocals, glockenspiel, pastoral piano and lyrics. The CD single also featured a live version of "Tinto Brass", another track from this album. Also, the lyrics make a reference to Radiohead's album The Bends: "You keep me hating, You keep me listening to 'The Bends'." The track has been performed live regularly between 1999-2003. A live in studio version can be found on XM II.

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