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The Scarlet Garden - My Dying Bride Guitar Pro Tab

  • Album:
    Songs of Darkness Words of Light
  • Genre:
    Doom Metal, Gothic Metal, Death Metal, Metal, Melancholic
  • Tablature Type:
    Guitar Pro Tab v4.06

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Lyric: The Scarlet Garden I know no shame The empire of my desire
Gathers you into my fire
I hope you fall. I hope you call,
My filthy name. It makes you crawl
On your knees, with all your pleas.
Lay down there, look up at me. Are you alive my dear, and breathing?
Are you diseased my dear, and bleeding?
I'll lift you high my dear,
I'll have you dreaming.
'Tis time to say farewell, to your pleading. Poor devil as thou art. A ruin at my feet.

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