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Yves Duteil is a french singer and songwriter. He was born in Paris, in July 24, 1949 and is the third child to be born in the family. In 1972, Yves Duteil had first minor hit with a song called "Virages" (English: "Turns"). Included on his 1974 debut album L'Écritoire, it shares fame with such songs as the title track and from his next album, "J'attends" (1976), "Tisserand", "Les Batignolles" (an area of Paris), etc. .

Genre: Chanson Francaise, French, Singer Songwriter, Chanson, Duteil

prendre un enfant par la main : Yves Duteil

Guitar Pro Tab v4
Tracks: 1   9,789

Prendre un Enfant par la Main : Yves Duteil

Guitar Pro Tab v3
Tracks: 2   1,966
Yves Duteil
Par coeur

Prendre un enfant : Yves Duteil

Guitar Pro Tab v3
Tracks: 1   1,398
Yves Duteil
Prendre un Enfant

La Maman Damandine : Yves Duteil

Tracks:    549
J'ai la guitare qui me démange
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