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Vesania is a Polish symphonic black metal/blackened death metal band featuring Orion (Behemoth) and Daray (ex-Vader, Dimmu Borgir). The word "Vesania" is from Latin, referring to everything that is connected with madness, insanity, dementia and mental disease. The band was formed in Warsaw, Poland in 1997. Their first album "Moonastray" was a split with Black Altar and was released in 2002 by Odium Records exclusively in Poland, the release was limited to 666 copies and each album was signed with blood.

Genre: Black Metal, Symphonic Black Metal, Blackened Death Metal, Polish, Metal

Posthuman Kind : Vesania

Guitar Pro Tab v4
Tracks: 2   260
God the Lux

Infinity Horizon : Vesania

Guitar Pro Tab v4
Tracks: 6   258
Distractive Killusions
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