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Tricky Woo is a Canadian indie rock band, based in Montreal. The band consists of vocalist and guitarist Andrew Dickson, guitarist Adrian Popovich, bass guitarist Alex Crowe and drummer Patrick Sayers. The name of the band is taken from the name of a fictional pampered dog featured in James Herriot's best-selling autobiographical novel All Creatures Great and Small, which tracks the life of a country veterinarian in pre-war England. Originally formed in 1996 by Andrew Dickson, Sasha Roiz (drums) and Jon Fazakerli (bass), the band released their debut album Rock and Roll Music, Part 1 in 1997.

Genre: Canadian, Rock, Rock And Roll, Montreal, Garage Rock

Pumpkin : Tricky Woo

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Tracks: 6   424

Excess 13 Ghosts Song : Tricky Woo

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Tracks:    196
The Prophet: B-sides & Remixes
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