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"Rock and roll is everything," says Throw The Fight's Ryan Baustert. "To us, there's nothing else." It's obvious by their aptly named full-length debut, In Pursuit of Tomorrow, that Baustert and his TTF collaborators have made the single-minded sacrifice to put it all on the line. It's a D.I.Y., take-no-prisoners, gritty plea to be heard, and a passionate pitch for massive audiences, all of which Throw The Fight utterly deserve. "At the end of the day," says singer James Clark, "we really feel with all the work we've put in and the music we make that we deserve this chance."

Genre: Alternative Rock, Rock, Hard Rock, Alternative, Metal

Weakest Hour : Throw The Fight

Guitar Tab
Tracks:    126
In Pursuit of Tomorrow

These Apologies : Throw The Fight

Guitar Tab
Tracks:    120
The Fire Within
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