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The Wonder Years is an American pop punk band from Lansdale, Pennsylvania, United States that formed in June 2005. Since their conception, they have released four full-length albums, two EPs, and several splits/compilations. The group is currently signed to Hopeless Records. Their name originates from a paper that lead vocalist, Dan 'Soupy' Campbell, read written by his after-school education teacher titled "The Wonder Years" Current members Matt Brasch – guitar, backing vocals Dan "Soupy" Campbell – lead vocals, acoustic guitar .

Genre: Pop Punk, Melodic Hardcore, Punk, Beardcore, Melodic Punk

Racing Trains : The Wonder Years

Guitar Tab
Tracks:    360
Get Stoked on It!

You're Not Salinger Get Over It : The Wonder Years

Guitar Pro Tab v5
Tracks: 7   312
Won't Be Pathetic Forever
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