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Snapcase is a hardcore band from Buffalo, New York. Their records were released on the Chicago record label, Victory Records. The band was conceived in 1991, and was originally named Solid State. Orignal line up consisted of Chris Galas (vocals), Scott Dressler (guitar), Joe Smith (guitar), Daryl Taberski (bass), and Mike Kimaid (drums). After the release of their first 7 inch "Comatose", Galas was replaced on vocals by Taberski, Jon Salemi joined and replaced Joe Smith.

Genre: Hardcore, Hardcore Punk, Punk, Post Hardcore, Metal

Typecast Modulator : Snapcase

Guitar Pro Tab v4
Tracks: 4   449
Designs For Automotion

Idhindsight : Snapcase

Guitar Tab
Tracks:    240
End Transmission

Coagulate : Snapcase

Guitar Tab
Tracks:    213
End Transmission

Caboose : Snapcase

Guitar Tab
Tracks:    210
Progression Through Unlearning

She : Snapcase

Guitar Pro Tab v4
Tracks: 4   192
Glenn Danzig
'Violent world a tribute to the Misfits
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