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Helsinki, Finland based Shape of Despair came into being during winter 1995, the brainchild of band leader Jarno Salomaa (guitars and synth) and Tomi Ullgren (guitars). All the while searching for the ultimate line-up, Shape of Despair recorded a demo-tape "Alone in the Mist", a promo, and two albums. While the debut "Shades of..." caused quite a stir in the underground, their aim became unwavering for the second one and "Angels of Distress" was a bull's-eye shot, a defining moment for a talented band already well set in their ways.

Genre: Doom Metal, Funeral Doom Metal, Funeral Doom, Finnish, Metal

Fallen : Shape of Despair

Power Tab v4
Tracks:    3,449
Shape of Despair
Angel of Distress

Angels of Distress : Shape of Despair

Guitar Tab
Tracks:    355
Angels of Distress

Sleep Mirrored : Shape of Despair

Guitar Tab
Tracks:    305
Illusion's Play

Night's Dew : Shape of Despair

Guitar Pro Tab v5
Tracks: 7   299
Angels of Distress
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