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Rolo Tomassi are an experimental extreme punk band from Sheffield, England. Their name is taken from the fictional character Rollo Tomasi in the film LA Confidential. The band formed in 2005 and set their local scene alight by playing a synth driven technical mix of styles and genres difficult to define in a single word. The band self-released their first demo shortly after forming. Shortly after the band pursued a tape release via danger!laser!phaser!razor! where only 200 copies were made.

Genre: Experimental, Mathcore, Grindcore, Noisecore, Spazzcore

Oh Hello Ghost : Rolo Tomassi

Guitar Tab
Tracks:    162
VISIONS: All Areas, Volume 97

I Love Turbulence : Rolo Tomassi

Guitar Tab
Tracks:    150

I Love Turbulence (Intro) : Rolo Tomassi

Guitar Pro Tab v5
Tracks: 1   145
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