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Roger Harry Daltrey, CBE (born in Hammersmith, London, England on 1 March 1944) is a popular music artist, best known as the founder and lead singer of the English rock band, The Who. He has enjoyed a less successful solo music career, and has acted in a large number of film, theatre and television roles. Daltrey and his second wife, former model Heather Taylor, have two daughters, Rosie and Willow, and a son, Jamie. They have four grandchildren, Lily, Lola, Ramona and Scarlett. He had a son, Simon, with his first wife Jacqueline Rickman, who he married in 1964.

Genre: Classic Rock, Rock, British, 70s, The Who

Without Your Love : Roger Daltrey

Tracks:    236

Giving It All Away : Roger Daltrey

Tracks:    178
Burning Heart (disc 4)

After the Fire : Roger Daltrey

Guitar Tab
Tracks:    157
Under a Raging Moon

Days Of Light : Roger Daltrey

Tracks:    155
Rocks in the Head

The Pride You Hide : Roger Daltrey

Guitar Tab
Tracks:    151
Under a Raging Moon
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