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Rádio Macau is a pop band from Portugal formed in the beginning of the 80's and since then they've recorded eight albums and performed live around the world. Some of its best knowns songs are "O Anzol" and "Amanhã é sempre longe demais". The band always developed an experimental side, which can be seen in the albums "Disco Pirata" (reedited in 2004), "Onde o Tempo Faz a Curva" (2001) and in the electronic experiences of "A Marca Amarela" (1992). .

Genre: Portuguese, Rock, Portugal, Portuguese Music, Seen Live

O Anzol : Rádio Macau

Guitar Tab
Tracks:    188
O Elevador Da Glória

Cantiga d'Amor : Rádio Macau

Tracks:    172
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