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Psyopus is a mathcore band from Rochester, New York and is currently signed to Black Market Activities / Metal Blade. The band is noted for the unorthodox and extremely technical guitar techniques of Christopher Arp. In order to receive endorsement deals from various guitar and amp companies, Arp had to send a live video of him playing in order to prove that he could actually play that fast. The project was conceived during the fall of 2002.

Genre: Mathcore, Experimental, Grindcore, Technical Metal, Metalcore

White Light : PsyOpus

Guitar Tab
Tracks:    310
Ideas of Reference

Insects : PsyOpus

Guitar Pro Tab v5
Tracks: 4   233
Our Puzzling Encounters Considered

Mork and Mindy : PsyOpus

Guitar Pro Tab v5
Tracks: 4   231
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