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Multi-million selling French pop artist (b 1946 in Courbevoie near Paris) who once opened for Jacques Brel at l"Olympia. \ Chez Laurette, a rite of passage ballad that hit number 1 in France in 1965 kicked off a string of hits that included million selling 1971's Pour Un Flirt ( a summer hit all across Europe covered in the UK as Flirt by Jonathon King). Other successes include Les Divorces; Wight Is Wight;Que Marianne Etait Jolie; Rimbaud Chanterait; Le Chasseur; Les Aveux; Je Pense A Toi; 62 Nos 15 Ans; Le Loir-Et-Cher.

Genre: Chanson Francaise, French, Pop, Chanson, Michel Delpech

Chez Laurette : Michel Delpech

Guitar Tab
Tracks:    759
Les grandes chansons

Pour Un Flirt : Michel Delpech

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Tracks:    374

Rimbaud chanterai : Michel Delpech

Guitar Tab
Tracks:    274
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