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Lux Occulta (Latin for "hidden light") is the name of a Polish symphonic black metal band, founded in late 1994. Their work, also strongly influenced by progressive metal, commonly incorporates elaborate arrangements often featuring multiple sections and unpredictable time changes. The band was dormant from 2002 until 2012 due to "various reasons" including the lack of a drummer; in 2012 guitarist Vogg announced that he was writing new material for the band's next album. Lux Occulta on

Genre: Black Metal, Avant Garde Metal, Symphonic Black Metal, Progressive Metal, Polish

Mane Takel Fares : Lux Occulta

Guitar Pro Tab v3
Tracks: 1   1,336
My Guardian Anger

Love : Lux Occulta

Guitar Pro Tab v3
Tracks: 5   979
The Forgotten Arts

Nocturnal Dithyramb : Lux Occulta

Guitar Pro Tab v3
Tracks: 7   918
Jaro Slav Lux Occulta
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