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Luiz Bonfá (1922-2001) was a Brazilian guitarist and composer most widely known for the compositions he penned for the film Black Orpheus. As a composer and performer, Bonfá was at heart an exponent of the bold, lyrical, lushly orchestrated, and emotionally charged samba-canção style that predated the arrival of João Gilberto's more refined and subdued bossa nova style. Bonfá's major legacy continues to be his compositions from the Black Orpheus soundtrack, most notably the instantly recognizable bossa nova classic 'Manhã da Carnaval. .

Genre: Bossa Nova, Jazz, Brazilian, Guitar, Brazil

Passeio no Rio : Luiz Bonfá

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Tracks:    4,319
Luiz Bonfá//Luiz Bonfá
Non Stop to Brazil

Manha Do Carnaval : Luiz Bonfá

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Tracks: 3   3,178
Luiz Bonfa

Samba de Orfeu : Luiz Bonfá

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Tracks: 3   1,815
Luiz Bonfa
Solo in Rio 1959

Sambalamento : Luiz Bonfá

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Luiz Bonfa
Plays And Sings Bossa Nova
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