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Lovex is a rock band from Tampere, Finland. The members are Theon McInsane (vocals), Vivian Sin'Amor (guitar), Sammy Black (guitar), Christian (keyboards), Julian Drain (drums), and Jason (bass). All the band members have pseudonyms and do not use their real names. The band started in 2001-2002, when several members and one former member, who had previously played in other bands, decided to start their own band to play rock music and have fun.

Genre: Finnish, Rock, Glam Rock, Gothic Rock, Love Metal

Divine Insanity : Lovex

Guitar Tab
Tracks:    313
Guardian Angel

Die A Little More : Lovex

Guitar Tab
Tracks:    276
Divine Insanity

Oh How The Mighty Fall : Lovex

Tracks:    251
Divine Insanity
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