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Lizzy Borden is a heavy metal band which formed in 1983 in Hollywood, California, United States. The band currently consists of Lizzy Borden (vocals), AC Alexander (guitar), Dario Lorina (guitar), Marten Andersson (bass) and Joey Scott (drums). Borden and Scott are the only remaining original members of the band. The band originally disbanded in 1993 and reunited from 1998 to 2004, disbanding after the death of founding member and guitarist Alex Nelson in a car crash. In 2006, the band reformed once more and has remained together since. \

Genre: Heavy Metal, Power Metal, Hard Rock, Hair Metal, Glam Metal

Give 'em the Axe : Lizzy Borden

Guitar Tab
Tracks:    351
The Best of Lizzy Borden

Psychopath : Lizzy Borden

Guitar Tab
Tracks:    301
Love You To Pieces

Roll Over and Play Dead : Lizzy Borden

Guitar Tab
Tracks:    244

Sins of the Flesh : Lizzy Borden

Guitar Tab
Tracks:    243
Master of Disguise

Under Your Skin : Lizzy Borden

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Tracks: 9   134
Lizzy Borden
Appointment with Death
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