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There are at least 7 different groups named Inferi. Prominently, we find two on last fm: an American melodic death metal band and a one-man black metal project from Finland. 1) A 4-piece melodic death metal band from Nashville, Tennessee USA. Members from the band Death Looks Promising, formed Inferi in 2005. They have two self-released albums: Divinity In War (2007) and The End Of An Era (2009), a demo released in 2011, and their label debut album The Path of Apotheosis was released in 2014 on The Artisan Era. They are active.

Genre: Black Metal, Depressive Black Metal, Melodic Death Metal, Atmospheric Black Metal, Finnish

The Ruin of Mankind : Inferi

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Tracks: 10   178
The End Of An Era
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