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Formed In: April 2012 Hometown Location: Hessle, UK and Portage, IN. Band Lineup: Eddie Pickard > Guitars/Bass Aaron Kitcher > Drums Dickie Allen (ex-Dealey Plaza, ex- Abiotic) > Vocals Past members: Dan Watson > Vocals About/Description: A tribute to all that is filthy and brutal in the underground metal scene. Another ‘Technical/Deathcore’ project brought to you by Eddie Pickard and Aaron Kitcher, Infant Annihilator is an internet band designed to showcase both their musical talent and their passion for heavy music. .

Genre: Technical Deathcore, Deathcore, Brutal Deathcore, Technical Death Metal, Technical Brutal Death Metal

Decapitation Fornication Solo : Infant Annihilator

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Tracks: 4   1,251
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