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IR8 features the trio of Jason Newsted on bass and vocals, Devin Townsend playing guitar and "Toxic" Tom Hunting of Exodus on drums. Originally recorded in 1994, Colossus, Nothing, and Black on Black are three original tracks of a slightly better than demo quality. The music works as a more aggressive version of traditional thrash (other than the doomish opening track "Colossus"). Newsted uses a very brutal vocal approach without sounding like a conventional death metal singer.

Genre: Thrash Metal, Death Metal, Metal, Canadian, Thrash

Colossus : IR8

Power Tab v4
Tracks:    1,268

Devin Townsend, Jason Newsted & Tom Hunting/Devin Townsend & Jason Newsted/IR8
IR8 Vs. Sexoturica
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