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Gareth Paul Gates (born July 12, 1984, Bradford, United Kingdom) is a British pop singer who shot to fame in 2002 when he came second in the television talent show Pop Idol. A year earlier, he also appeared in the televised talent show Steps to the Stars presented by Claire Richards and Ian Watkins (known as H) from the pop group Steps. Despite not winning the competition, he was soon signed up with Simon Cowell's record label BMG, alongside the Pop Idol winner, Will Young. (Cowell had been one of the Pop Idol judges, and had been notorious for his harsh criticisms of many of the contestants.

Genre: Pop, British, Male Vocalists, Singer Songwriter, Teen Pop

Flying Without Wings : Gareth Gates

Guitar Tab
Tracks:    141
Pop Idol

Anyone Of Us : Gareth Gates

Tracks:    131
Now That's What I Call Music! 4

Unchained Melody : Gareth Gates

Tracks:    129
What My Heart Wants to Say

Too Serious Too Soon : Gareth Gates

Tracks:    119
What My Heart Wants to Say

Say It Isnt So : Gareth Gates

Tracks:    116
Beautiful: 40 Timeless Love Songs (disc 1)

Evergreen : Gareth Gates

Guitar Tab
Tracks:    112
Unchained Melody
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