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Fikret Kızılok (October 10, 1946 - September 22, 2001) was a Turkish musician. He was a pioneer of Turkish rock music and an early experimentalist. After publishing his farewell album (A revolutionist's diary), he died in 2001 following a long illness. Kızılok was introduced to music during his secondary school years at the Galatasaray High School, the same school his fellow music legends Barış Manço and Timur Selçuk also went, and his first instrument was an accordion. Upon graduation, he went on to studying dentistry. “Yumma Gözün Kör Gibi ! Yağmur Olsam” was his first album release. .

Genre: Turkish, Singer Songwriter, Turkish Rock, Anadolu Rock, Fikret Kizilok

G n l : Fikret Kızılok

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