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Bleed the Sky were an American heavy metal band formed in Orange County, California in 2002. The band formed in December 2002, consisting of vocalist Noah Robinson, guitarists Kyle Moorman and Wayne Miller, bassist David "Tank" Garcia, and drummer Austin D'Amond. After being a band for only two months, Bleed the Sky played their first show as an opener for progressive death metal band Opeth. Shortly after, they independently recorded and released a demo EP, recorded at Cleveland's Spider Studios with Producer, and former Chimaira manager, Thom Hazaert and engineered and mixed by Ben Schigel.

Genre: Metalcore, Metal, Melodic Death Metal, Groove Metal, Hardcore

Gated : Bleed The Sky

Guitar Tab
Tracks:    267
Paradigm in Entropy

Skin Un Skin : Bleed The Sky

Guitar Tab
Tracks:    245
Paradigm in Entropy

Reveille : Bleed The Sky

Guitar Tab
Tracks:    196
Murder the Dance

The Martyr : Bleed The Sky

Guitar Pro Tab v4
Tracks: 8   182
Bleed The Sky
Paradigm In Entropy
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