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Every Home Is Wired - Porcupine Tree Guitar Tab

  • Album:
    Stars Die: The Delerium Years '91-97 (disc 2: 1994-97)
  • Genre:
    Progressive Rock, Progressive Metal, Psychedelic, Progressive, Rock
  • Tablature Type:
    Guitar Tab

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One of Steven's most ambitious vocal experiments in Beach Boy fashion - a nod from one Wilson to another - though the end section is built up from a separate idea by Chris, elaborated by Colin's double bass. This song layers thirty-seven sets of vocal overdub to create the falling, melancholy chorus. It expresses Steven's early concerns about the depersonalising effects of life in cyberspace. These days, he's a happy websurfer, but the song remains a strong band favourite. Steven Wilson - vocals, guitars, keyboards, tapes

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