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The Four Horsemen - Metallica Guitar Pro Tab

Piece Title

The Four Horsemen



Genre thrash metal
Album Kill'Em All
Song Author James Hetfield Lars Ulrich Dave Mustaine
Tabbed by metallserge rambler ru
Gtr I RhytmE B G D A E
Gtr II LeadE B G D A E
Bass??? 3G D A E
Gtr III Lead & VoiceE B G D A E
Drums?? 8C C C C C C
Size 114.37KB

Tablature Type

Guitar Pro Tab v3

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Views: 30,991
Notice Hi metall fans. I'm Serge from Russia (Exuse moi for my
English). Please write me if you can.

Some comments for this song:
I want to thank Steve Gorenberg for his Bass and
tab book of this album.

In original most time of song there is a tripple feeling,
but because guitar pro haven't got tripple change I
change the Riff to tripple feeling!

P.M. now is a one dynamic minus of current dynamic:
P.M. of forte is mezo forte. atc.
Accent note use one dinamic plus of current.
Some bends in solo are special. Look inside them.
Pick slides and Scrapes I use with "guitar freat noise "
- 120 track.
Some simple slides are not the usual. So use them
"Note x" - It mean a "Mute" the Note.
"o" means staccatto - short note.
A.H. means Artificial Harmonics. I use Real harmonic to
Real note. They gets by special play with pick.
(Note) means that note has taken before.

Bar 194/Gtr. II: First you need to tap 12 and bend it.
Then pull of to 0 & at the same time depress the bar.
(10 means depress bar from G to neverland.)

Please sorry for my English again. For any comment
please mail me. I hope you will. Look for Slayer tab,
that I had created.