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Another You - Karl Cromok Guitar Pro Tab

Piece Title

Another You


Karl Cromok

Album Forever In Time
Song Author Karl Cromok
Tabbed by 1 Bean a k a BeanKanan encikbean yahoo com
Electric Guitar (w/distortion)E B G D A E
1st Acoustic Guitar (Originally ClassicaE B G D A E
2nd Acoustic Guitar (Originally ClassicaE B G D A E
KeyboardE B G D A E
IMPORTANT!! Read score informationE B G D A E
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Guitar Pro Tab v4

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Notice Many changes has been made since the first version is
released, mostly in the 2nd Acoustic Guitar part.

Since there are still limitation in Guitar Pro, I advice you
to view my instructional video to get the idea of how
the 2nd Acoustic Guitar part bar 67- 82 is to be
You can obtain the video at
For both Acoustic Guitar parts, please use Classical
Guitars (nylon stringed). For this tab, I assigned the midi
to play steel stringed acoustic guitar because it sounds
To be able to play this song correctly, you have to use
all 4 fingers of your left and right hand.
Press F11 to view "let ring" notes.

The song begins with an ad-lib introduction for 18 bars.
During this, please feel free to improvise your own solo,
preferably in E natural/harmonic minor. What I've
written for the intro is just my simple interpretation of the
original recording. The intro has been written for
70b.p.m tempo. You don't have to worry about it
because the tempo of each bar (1-18) has been
assigned for the ease of practising(notice the dot on
each bar of the Electric Guitar part).

After the intro, comes the verse parts. The
recomended tempo for this part is 105 (the new tempo
has been assigned as well).
Look at the 2nd Acoustic Guitar part
and be aware that it is responsible for fill-ins throughout
the song. I noticed that there are 6 different
verses and so I named them ABCDE respectively.
Even though most verses are repetitive, please don't
expect that they are always the same. I've scrutinized
the recording again and again and I've found out that
there must be a bit variation in each repetition.
I always don't bother much about the electric guitar
solo because I believe in improvising your own. But I
am very confident in my acoustic guitar part. Play
along with the recording and you shall see it for
yourself. The time stamps are there at every verse
One more thing, watch your dynamic. And don't ignore
the grace notes.
For live performance, I would suggest you to perform a
duet. The first guitarist will be responsible for
the Electric Guitar and 2nd Acoustic Guitar parts,
while the other one should contentrate on the 1st
Acoustic Guitar part. Having someone else to strike
chords on a keyboard would be a good idea too.
This tab is purely my interpretation of the original
recording. This arrangement is not inspired by or
derived from any other available tabs for I captured the
very first to the very last notes, and arranged them, all
by myself (made by ear). You can distribute this tab as
you wish as long as you don't change anything.
Any changes made are only for personal use.

Thanks to my verifiers:
1st version

2nd version
Nick Gan