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Time Is Running Out Guitar Pro Tab by Muse

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Piece Title

Time is Running Out



Album Absolution
Song Author 3Matthew Bellamy Chris Wolstemholme Dominic Howard
Tabbed by Tom Leech (blokeyman hotmail com)
Matt (vocals)E B G D A E
Matt (backing vocals)E B G D A E
Matt (keys)E B G D A E
Matt (keys 2)E B G D A E
Matt (guitar)E B G D A E
Matt (guitar 2)E B G D A E
Matt (guitar acoust.)E B G D A E
Matt (piano)E B G D A E
Chris (bass)G D A E
Chris (synth)G D A E
Chris (bass OD))G D A E
Dom (drums)
Copyright 2003 Taste Media Ltd
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Guitar Pro Tab v4

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Lyrics I think I'm drown- ing as-p
- ed I wan-na break this spell that you've cre-at- ed. You're some-thing beau-ti-ful a con-tra-dic
wan-na play the game I want the fric-tion You will be the death of me Yeah, you will be the death o
Bu-ry it I won't let you bu-ry it I won't let you smo-ther it I won't let you mur-der it. And our ti
nn-ing out and our time is runn-ing out you can't push it un-der-ground you can't stop it scream-ing out I wa