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A Felicidade - Antonio Carlos Jobim Power-Tab

Piece Title

A Felicidade


Antonio Carlos Jobim

Album Nuages
Song Author Antonio Carlos Jobim/Vinicius de Moraes/Roland Dyens
Tabbed by wim/
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Power-Tab v4

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Views: 22,934
Notice A very cool and stylised arrangement of the famous bossa tune.

I haven't added the dynamics because they are just way too hard to reproduce in power tab. If you hear Dyens' recording of this piece you will see what I mean.

This song is packed full of semitones. Dyens plays most of those semitones right down near the bridge so as to get that twangy metal sound. If you like this effect you should also check out the south american guitarist Jorge Morel, he loves the quirky semitones too, in particular see "Bossa in Re".

I play all those bass notes in the intro with the thumb and palm mute, using sweep picking for those fast ones at the end of each bar. I'm not sure how Dyens plays it..

All the staccato chords are made by lifting the left hand slightly.

About the tempo: I checked the midi against Dyen's recording and he actually plays ~117 bpm (!) on the Nuages album. However, the score calls for 100. I have chosen 104 simply to be as close to 100 as possible before the trills go all spastic.

Since PTEditor doesn't have a third melody line, I had to tie in the bassline with the chords. Sorry about that, score readers, but if you're familiar with bossa it's a fairly typical rhythm throughout and the bassline is almost always plodding quarter notes.
Lyrics Tristeza não tem fim
Felicidade sim

A felicidade é como a pluma
Que o vento vai levando pelo ar
Voa tão leve
Mas tem a vida breve
Precisa que haja vento sem parar

A felicidade do pobre parece
A grande ilusão do carnaval
A gente trabalha o ano inteiro
Por um momento de sonho
Pra fazer a fantasia
De rei ou de pirata ou jardineira
Pra tudo se acabar na quarta feira

A felicidade é como a gota
De orvalho numa pétala de flor
Brilha tranquila
Depois de leve oscila
E cai como uma lágrima de amor

A minha felicidade está sonhando
Nos olhos da minha namorada
É como esta noite
Passando, passando
Em busca da madrugada
Falem baixo, por favor
Prá que ela acorde alegre como o dia
Oferecendo beijos de amor

A felicidade é uma coisa louca
e tão delicada também
Tem flores e amores de todas as cores
Tem ninhos de passarinhos
Tudo bom ela tem
Pois é por ela ser assim tão delicada
Que eu trato dela sempre muito bem


Sadness has no end
Happiness does

Happiness is like a feather
That the wind carries through the air
It flies so lightly
But has a brief life
It needs to have a wind that never stops

The happiness of a poor man is like
The grand illusion of Carnaval
People work the whole year long
For one moment's dream
To play the part of
A king or a pirate or a gardener
And all of that is ended on [Ash] Wednesday

Happiness is like a drop
Of dew on a flower's petal
It shines peacefully then swings lightly
And falls like a tear of love

My happiness is dreaming
In the eyes of my girl
It is like a night that passes by
In search of the dawn
Speak quietly please
So that she wakes as happy as the day
Offering kisses of love

Happiness is a crazy thing
And so delicate too
It has flowers and love of all colors
It has bird nests
It has everything that is good
Because she's like this -- so delicate
I always treat her very well