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A music project, which was established in the summer of the year 1996 by Frank Machau and Uwe Nolte. It advances more and more from the initial transformation of purely acoustic folk songs into experimental and meditative sound realms. The name Orplid refers to the poem "Gesang Weylas” of the German romantic Eduard Mörike. It describes a paradise beyond the Sea, an untouched, pure world, where the sensitive soul finds home. .

Genre: Neofolk, Dark Folk, Apocalyptic Folk, Folk, Experimental

Später Tag : Orplid

Tracks:    161
Nächtliche Jünger

Das Mädchen aus der Fremde : Orplid

Guitar Tab
Tracks:    130
Nächtliche Jünger

Untitled Intro To Nachtliche Junger : Orplid

Guitar Tab
Tracks:    125
Nächtliche Jünger

Das M dchen aus der Fremde : Orplid

Guitar Pro Tab v5
Tracks: 1   124
N chtliche J nger
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