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Ohrbooten are a Reggae-Ragga formation from Berlin, Germany. They are sometimes compared with SEEED, one of the pioneers in German Reggae-Ragga. Their lyrics are both political and fun (nonsensical). They describe their music as Gyp-Hop from Gypsy and Hip Hop. They still perform on the streets of Berlin to keep their connection to the people, as you can see in the music video "an alle ladies" Ohrbooten on

Genre: Reggae, German, Dancehall, Ska, Deutsch

Autobahn : Ohrbooten

Guitar Tab
Tracks:    401

Kaufrausch : Ohrbooten

Guitar Tab
Tracks:    180
Babylon Bei Boot

Taub : Ohrbooten

Guitar Tab
Tracks:    121

Can You Ever : Ohrbooten

Tracks:    116
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