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There are at least 2 artist using the name Moonlight. \ 1) Moonlight is a Polish music band, formed in 1991, originally playing art rock / gothic metal. After the departure of one of band's composers (Daniel Potasz) in 2002, they were gradually experimenting with their music. The band's latest releases contain trip-hop and progressive rock influences. Moonlight is currently on an extended hiatus since 2006. The beginning in 1991... \

Genre: Gothic Metal, Polish, Gothic, Gothic Rock, Female Fronted Metal

List z raju : Moonlight

Guitar Pro Tab v4
Tracks: 8   1,025

Wiem : Moonlight

Guitar Pro Tab v3
Tracks: 2   706
Andrzej Kutys
Meren Re

Merene Re (Akt Ostatni) : Moonlight

Guitar Pro Tab v3
Tracks: 10   696

Yaishi - Intro : Moonlight

Guitar Pro Tab v3
Tracks: 2   658
Andrzej Kutys
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