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Mo?ollar is one of the pioneer bands in Turkish rock music for about 40 years and one of the founders of Turkish ethno rock music (or Anatolian rock music). The major goal of the band is to prove that folk music has a multi-layered soul and folk music's dynamism is very close to pop music's dynamism. The band members (Aziz Azmet, Cahit Berkay, Taner Ongur, Engin Yorukoglu and Murat Ses) tried to fuse the technical aspects of pop music with the melodies of ancient Anatolian folk music in late 1960s and early 1970s.

Genre: Turkish, Anatolian Rock, Psychedelic, Progressive Rock, Anadolu Rock

Al Yazmalim : Moğollar

Guitar Pro Tab v3
Tracks: 8   3,608

Devlerin Aski : Moğollar

Guitar Pro Tab v4
Tracks: 7   2,516

Sihirli Ay : Moğollar

Guitar Pro Tab v3
Tracks: 2   1,970
Cahit Berkay
1968 - 2000

Bişey Yapmalı : Moğollar

Guitar Pro Tab v3
Tracks: 2   1,854
cahit berkay
4 renk
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