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Jon Bon Jovi was born on March 2, 1962 in Perth Amboy, New Jersey, USA as John Francis Bongiovi Jr.. His creative perspective of the world around him was viewed by many as they titled Him a "rebel"..Knowing that many looked upon Him as a "non-comformest" He began as he grew older that the one thing in His life that understood Him and that He understood was Music. ..and this became His "Safe Place".. As the years past and He grew into the Music and the Music grew into Him..He came to grips of the Music's respectability.

Genre: Rock, Classic Rock, Hard Rock, 80s, Bon Jovi

Blaze Of Glory : Jon Bon Jovi

Power Tab v4
Tracks:    4,608
Jon Bon Jovi
Young Guns 2

These Days : Jon Bon Jovi

Guitar Pro Tab v4
Tracks: 9   2,963
These Days

Ugly : Jon Bon Jovi

Guitar Pro Tab v4
Tracks: 5   82
Jon Bon Jovi
Destination Anywhere
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