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Soulful, fresh, genre-defying. These are only a few of the terms that immediately spark the mind when greeted with Anarbor’s gutsy and transcending EP, Free Your Mind. When noted that the aforementioned genre is pop-rock, it seems even more special that a band with this talent and bravado would push itself away from a scene where predetermined trappings threaten to undermine its singular integrity. .

Genre: Pop Punk, Rock, Indie, Punk Rock, Indie Pop

The Brightest Green : Anarbor

Guitar Tab
Tracks:    219
Take Action: Volume 8

Love Instead : Anarbor

Guitar Tab
Tracks:    175

Where the Wild Things Are Monsters : Anarbor

Tracks:    121
Hearing Colours Seeing Sounds

Let The Games Begin : Anarbor

Guitar Tab
Tracks:    118
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